The dreams and visions of a child and an adulthood, the fears of the past and the future, form a hidden narrative within my painting. 
Symbolic content, familiar or supposedly familiar figures and motifs are encountered in a given environment. 
They create a distinct interaction that is difficult to decipher and less decodable. 
My work is based on the uncertainty caused by the non-display of the most important moment, where the focus is on the freezing of the 
tense moment before or after the dramatic event so the drama gets frozen in the focus. 
The protagonist of my narrative is the ever-returning “bad company,” a kind of brand new yet utterly used fear, the duality of good and evil. 
As a symbol of this brand new and utterly used fear, I have created an entity, a kind of horror that takes the form of a floating spot as a vortex 
in some places and then as an inverse in others. The human (side) characters in the images tend to be figurant, sometimes ignore, or even embrace this dual sign. 
I stripped my figures and characters because I want to depict a lowercase human who is lonely even in a crowd. 
And with his loneliness he forms a crowd.