Ambrus Gerő



2005- 2011 University of Pécs, Art Faculty, Painter
2005-2006  Novus Art School, Graphic and film course, master: József Szurcsik

Solo Exhibitions

2016 United People, Budapest, Ateliers Pro Arts Gallery
2016 United People, Budapest, Flat-exhibition
2013 Drawings, Budapest, Tabán Art Cinema

2011 French greyhound a' Picasso, Budapest, Graphic show

2011 Enviroment and l'amour, painting show, Budapest, Arena Corner Office

Group Exhibitions:

2015 Partizán Gallery, Budapest

2015 Give me air!, Partizán Gallery, Budapes
2011 Nádor Gallery, Pécs
2010 Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Germany Közelítés Gallery, Pécs

2009 Wam Design Center, Budapest


2010 Compliment of Pécs - Championship of speakers, I. prize
2008 Wam Design Gallery, The most positive artist, the award of the public and jury


2014 Cheley Camp, Colorado, USA, Crafts Counselor

2013 Budapest, Super 8 Drawing School, Own private enterprise

2013 Cheley Camp, Colorado, USA, Crafts Counselor

Art Projects

2010 Pécs, Pécs Academic's Days Festival, Ikarus bus

2007 Dombovár-Gunaras, Northic walking path

2005 Budapest, Museum of Design, title of competition: Hungaricum


2011 Vaci Greens, divided 1st Prize, competition of public creation for
2010 Amadeus Scholarship, Erste Bank
2009 University of Hertfordshire, England, Hatfield, master: Sam Jury
sustainablity, "Conceptual allotment", Atenor Company

Public Collection

2009 Foundation of Erste Bank, title: Half Globe, 2009

2014 Partizán Gallery, title: Naiv, 2008

International exchange and Scholarships

2010 Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Germany

2012 Promotation and protection of traditional carieers, Gazientep, Turkey


English, Hungarian


Most of the time I explore catharsis, state of meditation and also a kind of freaky humour through my works of art.
In some cases, the origins of my pictures are rooted in my day-dreams and night-dreams. I use them to speak about the greatness of the world. Also I portray the creatures artificially larger than real size, not just for fun but for the succesfull impression too. I choose such objects or creatures which are naturally grandiose in their size, such as monumental statues, big flowers or a piano. Thanks to the bigger measures and to the life-sized objects I can show what is their relation between reality and fantasy. I mix up the proportions too. I design the objects and portraying them in extreme situations. Finally my paintings are similar to the specific mood images.
What I love in my profession that the oil painting technic is pretty suitable to create visual details and reflect the uniqueness of the desired images. For this reason I got a mix of realastic and also imaginative expression. Beyond the technical details I am most interested in how to express the exact feelings and thoughts what is awaken in me by the world.
I realized since the beginning of my career that I aim to express most truthworthily what people already know but I add an extra confidence to this knowledge, an obvious realization or even a tiny amazement.