Orshi Drozdik

CellMOVEMENT, 2017/18

THE Eight pieces of the series titled CellMovement, 2018 was painted in Ateliers Pro Arts Art Center, in Budapest. The series is tightly connected to the Cell Paintings series, 2017-18, which is exhibited parallel to this one at the Budapest Gallery, 1036 Budapest, 158 Lajos Street (From September 27 to November 4th).

I used the APA Gallery as a studio since August first 2018, after I was generously granted by Beáta G. Szabó and John WARREN GOTSCH to use it as my studio during the summer, to continue my work and to arrange my artwork, I had Transported last year from New York to Budapest.

My cellpaintings are not only about the surface of the canvas, but about the existence and the eternal re-birth. I decided in 2017 to redraw my cells. I've been passionate about my intention, about Touching, drawing, caressing, the surface of the canvas and the Usage Of colors, with the intention depicting of my body, I used manly skin and body colors, to help with their Healthy Reborn. I was Drawing and Painting my cells Accelerated speed, but in my body the cells are reborn faster, I do not know how to keep pace with the miracle of rebirth, they are very fast.

The number of cells that an adult loses per minute is roughly 96 million. Fortunately, in that same minute, about 96 million cells divided, replacing those that died. Just as you shed dead skin cells, dead cells from internal organs pass through and out of the body with waste products.