Állandó Változó/ Costant Variable

As the questions and answers, the affirmation and negation follow each other in the course of our lives, the story changes a bit, and I store the important things as a reference point. I overwrite the successive memories, I am trying to be smarter with the experience of feelings, and with the awareness of experiences.

While I am looking for the connection  with my inmost reality. Being is simple and enjoyable, than I use as a starting point for all of my exhibitions its’ opposing thought level between its’ meditative, but deeper states.

The current exhibition is another attempt of the space-time memory analytic approach. The realistic human portrayal and easel piece, as the photo-like freeze of the faction of a second, how the quality of  beauty visually connected to an uncategorizable wall-writing generated from a pile of text, and as all of these together might be able to evolve into an abstraction On the other hand, to reflect to the eternal essence with the representation of the process and the nature of the gestures, with the mediation of Internet media. 

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