László Csernátony Lukács



TOXICOMANIE - Some words about my new serie

The „Toxicomanie” is a medical term of Greek extraction. It means the peccant wish for the toxins, first of all the drogs. 

In Csernatony Lukacs's newest serie processes compulsorily lineing up consumer icons like the toxin of  society.

His figures are cultic mems, what purport the visuality of catholic kitsch, brands and consumer identity (etc).

The sense-changed pop heroes, who are incarnated of the urban folklore, that appears in my context like the trauma of the wish of the narcotization. 

These pictures are propagator posters, which don’t promote certain product, but only life-feeling. So the onlookers can muster them free.

László Csernátony Lukács – CV


2002-2007. University of Fine Arts – painter department

1998-2000. Budai Art Scool – graphic department

Solo Exhibitions:

2015. Toxicomanie 2.0, Szoba Gallery, Pécs, Hungary (in April)

2015. The King Is Sold, TAT Gallery, Budapest, Hungary (in Feb)

2014. No E. T., Klauzal 13 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2013. „Toxicomanic“, Telep Galery, Budapest

2012. „Eat Your Heroes“ A. P. A. Galery, Budapest
„Happy Birthday Mr. Darwin“ Klauzál13 Gallery, Budapest

2011. „Sunshine. Happiness?” Művészház Gallery, Budapest

2008. „Női fétiseim“, VAM design center, Budapest


2013. Nanji Residence, Seoul, South Korea

2012. Eat Me Magazine, Front page competition

2013. Unicredit Art Award

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2015. Lights On!, Zawar Collective, A. P. A. Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2014. Jel, jelbeszéd, MFT, Mazart Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2014. RAW, Zawar Collective, Klauzal13 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2014. Friss üzenet, Újpest Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2014. Labirintus, Művészetmalom, Szentendre

2014. Hungarian Exhibition, Utrecht, Nederlands

2014. Grotta, Vármúzeum, Tata

2014. No Hattyú, Kultkikötő, Balatonföldvár

2014. IDOL, Telep Galery, Budapest

2014. Circular Hands, Centripetal Eyes, Nanji Residency, Seoul, South Korea

2014. Unicredit díjasok kiállítása, Vian Galéria

Other Activities:

2010- Nancy Brücke Experimental Space Music  and Visual Perform Group

2013. Zawar Collective