Miklós Szüts


name: miklós szüts
date of birth: 29.07.1945
nationality: hungarian
spoken languages: hungarian, english, german, french
mail: szm@szm.hu
Obtained a degree at the University of Fine Arts, Budapest in 1972

(Who Is Who International)
P. painter HA. 1113 Budapest Ulászló u. 72. B. Budapest 29. 07. 1945  Fam.: Erzsébet Vojnich Ch.: Eszter (1973) Júlia (1975) Anna (1986) Nóra (1987) Par. Jenő Szüts and Erzsébet Degré Anc:  mother's side great-grandfather Alajos Degré, writer, one of the leaders of the 1848 revolution, Alajos Lechner, architect. Sch.: 1959-63 Franciscan Secondary School, Szentendre, 1967-73 Academy of Fine Arts, faculty of painting and printmaking graphic design, Car.: After finishing the Academy of Fine Arts beside painting he worked as a freelance graphic designer. 1985-88 taught drawing and history of art at József Attila secondary school, 1997-98 teacher at the Academy of Dramatic and Cinematic Art. 1991 founded AD graphic design studio, creative management and co-owner. 2001 - annual three-months scholarship in Paris. P.: Represented at every national exhibition (1973-)  35 individual exhibitions in Hungary and abroad (1977-) Kunstforening, Bergen (Norway 1983), Institut Hongrois Paris, Accademia d'Ungheria Roma (1996) Centrul Cultural al Republicii Ungare Bucarest (1997) (all three exhibitions together with Erzsébet Vojnich) Budapest Galéria, Budapest (2000) Cité des Arts, Paris (2001) Kiscelli Museum, Budapest (2003) Pannonhalma (2004), Rzeszow, Warsaw, Poland (2004) Millenáris, Budapest (2005) Ráday IX Gallery Budapest (2006) Hamilton Aulich Art Gallery Budapest (2007) Aw.: St Florian Medal Fire Service Headquarters (2000) M.: trustee of the Palladium Foundation, head of Farkas István Foundation, member of the Alliance of Hungarian Fine Arts, Ho.: photography Lang.: English, German, French

One Man Shows

2015 The Vienna Globe Gallery, Wien, Austria
2015 L'Atelier CREA'Z, Lauris, France
2014 RAM Community Center, Budapest
2014 Lutheran Curch, Békásmegyer
2013 Hungarian Cultural Institute, Prague, Czech Republic
2012 Dorog Galéria, Dorog, Hungary
2012 Le Domaine de Chatressac, France
2012 Próféta Galéria, Budapest
2011 Bartók 32 Galéria, Budapest
2010 Képbolt Galéria, Budapest
2009 Nemzeti Színház, Budapest
2009 Kulturinstitut der Republik Ungarn, Stuttgart, Germany
2008 REÖK Palota, Szeged, Hungary
2008 Bartók 32 Galéria, Budapest
2007 Aulich Art Galéria, Budapest
2006 IX Galéria, Budapest
2005 Millenáris, Kerengő Galéria, Budapest
2005 Studio Galeria, Palac Kultury i Nauka, Warszawa, Poland
2004 Szajna Galeria, Rzeszów, Poland
2004 Tetőtéri Galéria, Archabbey Pannonhalma, Hungary
2003 Kiscelli Múzeum, Templomtér, Budapest
2001 Cité International des Arts, Paris
2001 Mestermű Galéria, Veszprém, Hungary
2000 Budapest Galéria, Budapest
1998 Vigadó Galéria, Budapest
1997 Centrul Cultural al Republicii Ungare, Bucuresti
1996 Institut Hongrois, Paris
1995 Accademia d’Ungheria, Roma
1995 Művészetek Háza, Pécs, Hungary
1993 Cifra Palota, Kecskemét, Hungary
1992 Régi Zsinagóga, Szolnok, Hungary
1991 Budapest Történeti Múzeum, Budapest
1991 Vigadó Galéria, Budapest
1987 Ernst Múzeum, Budapest
1984 Műhely Galéria, Szentendre, Hungary
1983 Kunstforening, Bergen, Norway
1983 Bölcsészkari Galéria, Budapest
1982 Művésztelepi Galéria, Szentendre
1981 Uitz Galéria, Dunaújváros, Hungary
1980 Stúdió Galéria, Budapest
1979 Madách Galéria, Vác, Hungary
1978 Görög Templom Galéria, Vác, Hungary
1977 Stúdió Galéria, Budapest
1977 Gallery of Art Friends,Voss, Norway