The result of my approach to art is the insertion of my personal world of sensations – as the rationally and verbally indefinable whole feeding on external impulses, into an individually communicative entity (piece of art), which is then, in the distress of articulation, moulded into picture modules. The inner image hence turned external is, on the one hand, built of the posteriority of recognition, and the psycho-mirror reconstructed from the present, on the other, that is, the perception of magical realms carrying the subject of trauma.

According to my worldview, the original position of human beings can neither be found in Nothing nor in Information, but somewhere stuck in between these two entities, in a state, called Noise, or in other words, in the stream of uncomprehended background messages completely disturbing meaningful enquiry. Therefore, information Noise, which overwrites physical reality in the imagination, and then, causes trauma in the course of perception, becomes the ultimate basic experience in the process of conceiving the image. The trauma pushes in two opposite directions: destruction and creativity. The possible messages, which bear the contents of the communicative entities, can be composed along this dichotomy.

All this – or the process, in which the shapes are turned into form - happens with incredible speed, or rather simultaneously: on a different – mostly not pictorial-emotional, but pictorial-intellectual level of consciousness sustained by particular environments, or spheres. Therefore, all shapes can disappear just as quickly as they came into being.

The rightful claim for meta-subjectivity in this case, is the reference to transhuman recollection.


Place of Birth: Nyíregyháza, Hungary; date of birth: 26.03.1968.


1987 – 1991 Bessenyei György College Nyíregyháza, Hungary

Bachelor of Science


December, 2004 Kunsthalle Menue Point - Project Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ’Subfactor’

May, 2005 Artpool P60 Exhibition Space, Budapest (Hungary) – ’Art Regained’

June, 2006 Aranytíz Culture Center, Budapest (Hungary) – ’Ape Control’

November, 2006 Óbudai Társaskör Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ’Bricklounge’

April, 2007 Kleintierklinik Gallery, Berlin (Germany) – ’Dyspepsia‘

September, 2007 K.A.S. Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ’Torkig – Dyspepsia Budapest‘

May, 2008 EE Fine Art Gallery, Cambridge (UK) – ’Art of the New Age – Exceptional Contemporary Collages’

January, 2009 T-Systems Workshop, Telecom Headquarters Budapest (Hungary) – ’Virtual Solutions’

March, 2009 Collegium Hungaricum, Berlin (Germany) – ‘DioxinDauer‘

September, 2009 Werk Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ’Botoxpolir‘

April, 2010 Portfolio Points – Loffice, Budapest (Hungary) – ‘Hásómaci‘

June, 2010 Republic Gallery – Bring the Art Home, Budapest (Hungary) – ‘ManDinner‘

July, 2010 G13 Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ’Stereoid‘

May, 2011 Budapest Fiction Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ‘Pixelutioner‘

October, 2011 csöp | po:cs Gallery, Székesfehérvár (Hungary) – ‘Peeling

April, 2012 Holdudvar Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ‘Hyperpassive’

May, 2012 Sajtóház Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ‘Mee-Nee-Mal’

September, 2012 Mono Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ‘Kleintierklinik’

March 2014 Kepes Institute, Eger (Hungary) 'Telling the Truth'


April, 2003 Gallery International, Baltimore (Maryland, U.S.A.)

July, 2003 Gallery International, Baltimore (Maryland, U.S.A.)

December, 2003 Gallery International, Baltimore (Maryland, U.S.A.) – ’Contemporary Art from Around the World’

April, 2004 Lomographic Exhibition, Aarhus (Denmark)

May, 2004 Lomographic Exhibition, Goethe Institute, Bruessels (Belgium)

December, 2005 Artpool P60 Exhibition Space, Budapest (Hungary) – ’ The Experimenter and the Art of Perception’

December, 2007 EE Fine Art Gallery, Cambridge (UK) – ’Art of the New Age’

March, 2008 Artpool P60 Exhibition Space, Budapest (Hungary) – ’N+1/2008‘ Dimensionist Worldwide Meeting

December, 2008 OctogonArt Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ’Sacrilege‘

January, 2009 Ferenczi and Partners Auction House and Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ’Plastic Fantastic’

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August, 2011 Borderland Gallery, Art Colony of Cered (Hungary)

March, 2012 Studio Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ’Radiospective Nuclear Art’

March, 2012 Loffice Coworking Wien, Vienna (Austria) – ’It’s Spring, Let’s Freshen Up Your Artistic Wardrobe’

April, 2012 Museum of Local History, Salgótarján (Hungary) – ’Prototypia

August, 2012 Cellarage of the Benedictine Abbey, Artplacc, Tihany (Hungary) – ’Robotinvasion

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January, 2014 Hungarian Embassy, Wien (Austria) – ‘Neugemalte Wirklichkeit‘

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February, 2014 Latarka Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – Necromonicon'

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May, 2014 Bunker Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) 'Park Fiction'

June, 2014 NickArt Gallery, Pécs (Hungary) 'No Name'

August, 2014 Hungarian Cultural Institute, Helsinki (Finnland) – ‘Repainted Reality


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November, 2010 Krisztina Palace, Budapest (Hungary) – Art Market Budapest

November, 2012 Millenaris Park, Budapest (Hungary) – Art Market Budapest

August, 2013 ArtPlacc, Tihany (Hungary) Stand of Mono Gallery

Július, 2014 ArtPlacc, Tihany (Hungary) Stand of Mono Gallery


March, 2009 DioxinDauer, Video Installation (5:32)

September, 2009 Performance In Werk Academy With Szonja Lang (2:46)

April, 2010 Hásómaci, Zsolt Gyarmati in Loffice, InExhibition Videoblog (4:24)

July, 2010 Stereoid, On The Margin Of An Exhibition (5:10)

July, 2010 Stereoid, InExhibition Videoblog (13:03)

September, 2010 Metamorph Therapy, Video Installation (5:00)

September, 2011 Traumaverzum – Book Launch, Videoblog (8:43)


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August, 2005 @RC Billboard and Citylight Exhibition

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