Annamaria Őry graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest as a painter at 2006. She works in oil and pastel, also creating ink drawings and watercolours. Her main point of interest is in the intrinsic potentialities of particular techniques. While investigating these she focuses on a subject matter or a genre. The use of a particular technique is usually connected with a corresponding line of thought, thus the analysis of the pictorial problem gives birth to a series of paintings revolving around the same subject matter. Annamária Őry's painting is an open possibility and embraces the access to the power of the primary feeling. The clean lines and expressive colours are the subordination of the painter's instints as the remedy for the disinterest of the everday communication conventions.
The representation
suggests that the true authentic experience appears indirectly where everyone can find his or her own essence. This way Annamária Őry's painting is part of that painting school where every action of art appears as the romanticism of the revolution which rediscovers the subjectivity of the lived-through experience.
She has received several scholarships,of which one of the most important was the one in 2009 by the Hungarian Academy in Rome. Her major exhibitions of the past period took place in the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Prague (2009) Hungarian Academy in Rome (2009) MODEM Debrecen, Hungary (2010) Hang Bai exhibition space Hanoi, Vietnam (2010) Hungarian Cultural Centre Brussels (2010), European Parliament Brussels (2010) Symbol art gallery Budapest, Hungary (2012) Gallery Neon Budapest Hungary (2013) Hungarian Cultural Institute Sofia , Bulgaria (2013) CHB Berlin, Germany (2013)
RMA Rome, Italy (2016)