It is widely thought that watercolor (“…the water rules”) is the most difficult painting technique, because it involves so much that is accidental. The picture is not a message, mirror, or narrative. The picture is an object. It is an object on which a number of peculiar things have occurred: it bears the tracers of the stumbling brush and paint. These are the accidents that the painter must control or, as the case may be, let them take con... more
My paintings aim to articulate the concept of  United People. The United People movement motivates all people to recognize how important it is to be in one family. Everyone is welcome to join. The goal of my art project is to give foundation for this movement. On the pictures human or animal figures transfer the message of United People. They sometimes may be suspicious for the viewer to be stan... more
Parallel objects No, there are no equivalent points of views, and equivalent approaches to problems, there are only similars… similarities are important, but differencies are more relevant, they inspire towards new.. different ways of thinking. Parallel lives, parallel works, common signs, linked to plenty of associations, but still personal on their own. Night becomes easily daytime, daytime turns to night.. why sculpture ... more
(read the line with a sarcastic undertone)Exhibition of Zsófia Keresztes and Rita SüvegesVelvet, lights, public. The veggie smell of the perfume of a woman sitting in the front row clash with the director's instructions in space. Zsófia Keresztes's installation collides the active players of the game, while Rita Süveges's paintings rather focus on the observational role of the viewer. The depicted scenes do not serve as a true background of a... more